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Reiki Classes and Workshops

At Dance of Light Healing, we strive to assist people through Reiki classes and workshops to unlock their highest human potential. Reiki is so much more than physical healing; it is a journey, and we are here to offer you tools that will assist you in connecting to an infinite flow of life-enriching universal energy.  *** Note: Our Reiki I class is offered both as a normal full day Practitioner* workshop or as a 2-part class. The 2 part class allows you to choose self-care only. If you decide to become a practitioner for others, you may take the Reiki I, Part 2 class. If you know you want to become a Practitioner*(for yourself, loved ones and animals), it is more cost effective to take the Usui Holy Fire Reiki I class. If you are not sure, please contact us. ***

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Reiki I, Part I Self-care

Through this class you will receive a Reiki deep-healing attunement and learn Reiki self-treatment techniques as well as other easy stress busters you can use any time or anywhere to lower your stress level, relax and feel better! This class aligns your energy centers on every level; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This class is generally offered online.

  • Calm mental chatter

  • Release pent-up emotional energy

  • Relax muscular tension

  • Reduce insomnia

  • Boost immune system

  • Assist with Visualization

  • Re-energize and re-fuel

  • Fill yourself with a sense of

  • joy and peace!



Reiki I,Part2

If you have already discovered the amazing power of Reiki healing by taking our Stress Buster/Reiki Self Care workshop or a prior Reiki I class, this class will increase your Reiki energy channel and teach you to practice Reiki on other people. You will receive a Reiki I and II manual and Reiki I practitioner certification.

  • History of Reiki

  • Reiki precepts

  • Levels of Reiki

  • Reiki Holy Fire Placement

  • Conducting a session

  • Scanning the field

  • Detecting energy blocks

  • Centering and grounding

  • Clearing the chakras

  • Ending a session

  • Best practices


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Usui Holy fire reiki i practitioner

The Usui Holy Fire Reiki I workshop is for those who are drawn to explore this deep healing practice to use for themselves, their loved ones, other humans and animals. The techniques taught in this class are so simple, yet so powerful, they can bring positive change to one's life on many levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. .

This workshop includes all the techniques and practices taught in Reiki I parts 1 and 2.

Upon completion of the workshop, students will receive their ICRT Usui Holy Fire Reiki I Practitioner certification.


usui holy fire reiki ii practitioner

This workshop is for those who have completed a level 1 Usui Reiki Practitioner certification (from any Reiki lineage). The second degree Reiki training expands your intuitive healing ability and teaches you more advanced tools, symbols and techniques to send healing remotely, send healing for past or future events, access higher levels of consciousness and more. Upon completion of the workshop, students will receive their ICRT Usui Holy Fire Reiki II Practitioner certification.


Usui holy fire reiki i & II combo

This is a 2 day intensive workshop for those who would like to achieve their Reiki I & II Practitioner certification quickly. The student will receive all the information, attunements and techniques that are covered in both Reiki I and II. Class material for both levels include the ICRT Reiki I and II manual, lineage and practitioner certificates. 


usui holy fire reiki master

For the serious Reiki practitioner who wants to take their Reiki to a new level—a Reiki way of life. In this 2 day workshop, students learn to pass Holy Fire placements and ignitions. They will learn to teach and attune new healers, and achieve a higher level of spiritual evolution. Contribute to healing the inhabitants of earth and the earth itself. The student will receive the ICRT Reiki Master Manual and certificate. 


holy fire karuna reiki master

This 3 day workshop is open to current practicing Reiki Masters. Karuna Reiki is a compassionate Reiki practice developed by the International Center for Reiki Training.  Symbols and techniques that activate the subtle Karuna Reiki energy are given in this intensive workshop. They will learn to teach all levels of Reiki, including Karuna Reiki. The student will receive the ICRT Karuna Reiki Master manual and certification.


Reiki for kids!

Children and teens that learn Reiki are better able to cope with the demands and stress they handle on a daily basis. They learn to trust themselves and their intuition, become more self-assured and learn tools that will serve them through their school years, college and for the rest of their lives. 7-12 years old will learn about Reiki through energy sensing exercises, movement, and intuition building tools.

The teen Reiki workshop covers the same practice and techniques as the adult workshop, but is designed to help teens cope with the daily challenges they face. Teens will receive a manual and Reiki I Practitioner certificate.

Kids 7-12  $95

Teens 13-17  $125

Blue Skies

In addition to our regularly scheduled workshops, we offer custom Reiki classes in your home or workplace. 

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