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Reiki Classes and Workshops

At Dance of Light Healing, we strive to assist people through Reiki classes and workshops to unlock their highest human potential. Reiki is so much more than physical healing; it is a journey, and we are here to offer you tools that will assist you in connecting to an infinite flow of life-enriching universal energy.   *** Note: Our Reiki I class is offered both as a normal full day Practitioner* workshop or as a 2-part class. The 2 part class allows you to choose self-care only. If you decide to become a practitioner for others, you may take the Reiki I, Part 2 class. If you know you want to become a Practitioner*(for yourself, loved ones and animals), it is more cost effective to take the Usui Holy Fire Reiki I class. If you are not sure, please contact us. ***

Energy Healing
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