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Reiki Sessions:
Woodbridge, Manassas & Housecalls in NoVA

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Full Length Reiki Sessions 

Relax and let the gentle music soothe you as the Reiki practitioner puts her hands on or over you, gently releasing energy blocks and helping you restore harmony. The session is 60 minutes and is recommended if this is your first experience with Reiki. This session is a good option for those who are experiencing stress or pain, receiving medical treatment for disease or injury and need the extra energy push, recovering from physical exhaustion, suffering emotional trauma, or facing a future situation that requires balanced, harmonious, focused energy. Currently offering sessions in our Reiki studio in Manassas or in your home.

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Chakra Balance and Energize

Music specially designed for energizing your chakras plays in the background while the Reiki practitioner opens and clears your chakras. Restful and calming, this is a great treatment for feelings of anger, insecurity, resistance to change, forgetfulness, hyperactivity, possessiveness, and impatience amongst others.  

Starting at $75

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Remote Reiki Sessions (Zoom/FaceTime)

Reiki energy is not limited by time or space and can be directed to the recipient from a remote location. Reiki distance energy healing is a viable option for those who are home bound! A healing session, much like a hands-on session, can be done while you relax in your favorite recliner or on your bed.

Remote sessions feel very similar to in person sessions, but without the physical contact. The Reiki practitioner places her hands in various positions using a proxy and you can feel the movement of energy. In addition your Reiki practitioner may direct Reiki energy toward a situation you are having problems with, an upcoming surgery or a negative past event. It is best to discuss your needs with your practitioner and she will guide you, designing a program that will benefit you the most. 


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Corporate Reiki Sessions

Dance of Light Healing designs Reiki programs that are customized for the needs of your company. We offer Reiki short seated or full length sessions, stress management and Reiki self-care workshops and Reiki-guided meditations that will fit seamlessly into your company's wellness program.

Prices vary


Reiki Short Session

The Reiki short sessions are similar to the longer hands-on sessions, but they run from 25-35 minutes. If you need to recharge, keep your energy flowing freely after a full session, work on minor pain, release muscle stiffness after a strenuous workout or release negative energy from a negative situation, these sessions can be very beneficial. In-home short sessions are available for 2 or more individuals. Sessions are available in our Reiki studio, in your home or your place of work. 


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Reiki for Spaces

You may have recently purchased a new home  that “just doesn’t feel right” to you.  Or you may feel that the level of communication between you and your children and/or spouse has deteriorated since moving into your new home. It could be there is a residual effect of a negative experience by the former owners that just won’t go away. Negative energy can disrupt harmony and balance.  If your home suffers from this state of imbalance, you and those that come into your home will be affected and will experience that sense of disturbance in your lives. With a Reiki treatment this negative effect of blocked energy will be removed.  Stress levels will be reduced and communication will become more natural.

Starting at $100

New Reiki Service!!
Reiki "Writings"

Reiki Writings provide a way to access your own higher wisdom through the assistance of the Reiki practitioner. The practitioner forms an energetic connection with your higher self to help you clarify physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issues you may be experiencing. Your practitioner serves as a receiving vessel, and will provide context for the information that comes through. She will then send you a transcript for you to read, interpret and meditate on.



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