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Animal Reiki

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Treat your animal companions to healing energy!

On Site (your location) Sessions for Animals:

Like humans, animals can experience disruptions in their energy fields. They are very open to Reiki energy and generally accept the energy much faster than people do. Reiki can assist physical issues such as speeding up recovery from surgery or illness, boosting the immune system, and relieving pain. Emotional issues can also be addressed with Reiki, such as adapting to a new environment, modifying unwanted habits, calming separation anxiety, relieving stress and strengthening the bond between human and animal.  Sessions can be done at your home or remotely. 

Remote sessions for animals:

Animals can benefit just as much as their human companions from remote Reiki sessions. Often animals share information with the practitioner about what they are feeling. This is not "animal whispering". but an energetic connection with the practitioner and sharing of information from the animal's point of view. The practitioner will work with information gathered from the owner as well as that shared by the animal. 


Pet/domestic animal - in person (at your home) session:$75

Remote session:$50

Equine (or large animal)  - in person session (at your home or stable) :$100 

Remote session: $50

(depending on distance, a $10 travel fee may apply)

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