Learn simple techniques to:

Calm mental chatter

Release pent-up emotional energy

Relax muscular tension

Reduce insomnia

Boost immune system

Assist with Visualization

Re-energize and re-fuel

Fill yourself with a sense of

joy and peace!

Stress Buster Reiki Workshop

Treat yourself to a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating energy healing experience! Reiki releases emotional, mental and physical energy blockages that produce stress and cause your body to break down. This workshop offers a Reiki deep-healing attunement, while you learn Reiki self-treatment techniques as well as other easy stress busters you can use any time or anywhere to lower your stress level, relax and feel better!

Learn how to manage your stress!

Join our ZOOM classes:

Wednesday, July 14 and Thursday, July 15 

6:00-7:30 PM each evening

(class is in 2 parts)

$75 per person 

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Stay tuned for upcoming workshops.


Learn to treat others - become a Certified

Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Practitioner


(Prerequisite Stress Buster with Reiki)


Stress Buster to Reiki I Practitioner Workshop


This workshop is designed for those who have completed the Stress Buster workshop (Reiki self-care) and want to practice Reiki on others. Students will receive the Usui Holy Fire III, Reiki I practitioner certification.

Covered in this class: 

History and Origins of Usui and Holy Fire Reiki

Discussion of degrees of Reiki

 Woriking with the energy field and chakras

Reiki attunements vs/ Reiki placements

Receive Holy Fire Reiki energy placements

Hand positions for treating others

Chakra clearing and balancing

Centering and grounding

Byosen scanning

Reiki I Practitioner Workshop

The Usui Reiki I, Holy Fire III workshop is for those who are drawn to explore this deep healing practice to use for themselves, their loved ones, other humans and animals. The techniques taught in this class are so simple, yet so powerful, they can bring positive change to one's life on many levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Upon completion of the workshop, students will receive their Usui Reiki I, Holy Fire III Practitioner certification. 

Saturday, June 26

10AM - 6PM

$150 - full day workshop


Morning Session

Guided meditation

Discussion of holistic healing

History and Origins of Reiki

Discussion of degrees of Reiki

Reiki’s applications

The energy field and chakras

Reiki attunements vs/ Reiki placements

Receive Holy Fire Reiki energy placements

Afternoon Session

Scanning the human energy field

Hand positions for self treatment

Performing a self treatment

Hand positions for treating others

Performing a healing session on others

Chakra clearing

Clearing the energy field

Centering and grounding

Healing the healer

Reiki I - Empowerment for Kids and Teens from 8-12 yrs

Children and teens that learn Reiki are better able to cope with the demands and stress they handle on a daily basis. They learn to trust themselves and their intuition, become more self-assured and learn tools that will serve them through their school years, college and for the rest of their lives. Kids 8-12 years old will learn about Reiki through energy sensing exercises, movement, and intuition building tools. They will receive the Reiki placement and learn how to use Reiki to help themselves, family, pets and spaces. 

In-person classes will resume in July.

Stay tuned for July class schedule. 

$75  3 hour workshop 

($15 discount for sibling)

Reiki I for Teens 13-17

Reiki helps teens cope with the demands of school, extracurricular activities, and relationships. It promotes self-confidence, a positive outlook, improved sleep, improved focus and faster healing for young athletes. Students learn to trust themselves and understand that they have the capacity to positively influence the world. 
This is a full Reiki I practitioner class, designed for teens, but covering the same practical techniques as in the adult class.

 In-person classes resume in July.

Stay tuned for upcoming July workshops.

$100    4 hour workshop